2018 in Super 8

Films on Super 8. 


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It is a combination of my love for nostalgia and an absolute obsession with how visuals appear on light sensitive paper (film), that led to these short films. The first, 2018 in Super 8, was an experiment. The second, When summer comes, in Super 8, is a repetition of the same project but then during the summer of 2020. 


2018 in Super 8. 


A film by Eza Doortmont 
August 2019  
Duration: 3:55

2018 in Super 8. 
It was Januari 2016 when I saw a video of filmmaker/Youtuber Adrian Bliss. He filmed 2015 in Super 8. And although I hate stealing peoples ideas, I haven’t want to make something as much as this, ever since. Dad told me about Opa’s super 8 camera. He shot ‘filmpjes’ in the 80s. I asked official permission from Oma to use it, and that was it.

It took me another year to actually get the Canon 310xl super 8 camera. And another two years to actually start filming.  Wherever I could, I took the camera. Whatever I thought suited the idea of happy memories, I filmed. Sometimes less then a second. Sometimes 3x a week, sometimes months of nothing. This super short film is a combination of almost all my favourite people in the world and all the fun adventures I had in the 15 months I used the camera. It mostly are my memories I want to keep. Hereby my first real super 8 film. 2018 and a bit in super 8. 

Not only did I want to make something this bad, ever. I have never been so happy with the result of something. Because this is pure Happiness. Memories of happiness. Enjoy. Xx

Music: Tom Rosenthal - Go Solo. (licensed through audio network)

And although I know the song is about missing someone you love and going any mile to get to them. For me it is a representation of going solo to England/through life and finding all these wonderful people on the way. 


I filmed in Manchester, Burscough, North Wales, The Peak District/Mam Tor, Porec/Croatia/TOUR, the Isles of Scilly, Utrecht, Van Lieflandlaan, Amsterdam, Liverpool, Chorlton Waterpark, The Koffeepot, University of Manchester, The Old Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology,  the Northern Quarter, Levenshulme, Lancaster, Ody Toernooi, Groningen, Tampe-Kukuo, Mole national park, Cape Coast, the air, Canal Street, Peak District, London, Kinder Scout, Fletcher Moss park, Withington, Istanbul, Hebdenbridge, Utrecht, museum Voorlinden, Den Bosch, Schiermonnikoog, Utrecht en Nijmegen. 

With special thanks to (in order of appearance) Ellie Cunningham, Alice Simonetto, Anna Carey, Aafke Doortmont, Anna Murphy, Jeannie Pritchard, UMWFC, Hope Strickland, Danae Alphas, Ally Lomas, Evan Derosiers, Leah Winstanley, Emma Clarke (Barns), Abi Hirst, Rachel Akhondi, Sophie Belchambers, Jess Buck, Lucy Barra, Emily Bullet, Julia Morten, Myself, Selien Koster, Jett Ruigrok, Elselotte Smink, Megan Clarkson, Layla Whyatt, Liv Barnacles, Natalie Ward, Sharon Nijmeijer, Dirk Peters, Talula Carpenter, Dillon Steele, Jenny Quinn, Elaheh Habibi, Anna Georgia Mackay, Chloe Senior(Chole), Silke Hulman, Anouk de Ronde, Roos van Schaik, Marloes Vrolijks, Nikki van de Klundert, Suzanne Lith, Aafke Doortmont, Carla van der Burg, Michel Doortmont, Konnie, Maria Jose Villa Garcia, Roberto Dooner, Maria Casas Cassillo, Toet, Julia Fontaine, Saada Elabed.

When the summer comes, in Super 8. 


A film by Eza Doortmont 
summer 2020   
Duration: 3:40

Wanneer de zomer komt - in Super 8 

Weten jullie nog dat ik in 2018 een super 8 video maakte? Nou er is een nieuwe!! Het blijft mijn combinatie van voorliefde voor nostalgie en vastleggen, gecombineerd met mijn obsessie met beelden die verschijnen op lichtgevoelig papier (film) dat deze video tot stand kwam.

When summer comes - in Super 8 

Do you remember that in 2018 I made a super 8 video? There is a new video!!
It is still the combination of my pure love for nostalgia and capturing, combined with images appearing on light sensitive paper that made this film exist.  

In 2018 I took my granddads Super 8 (canon 310xl) videocamera to every nice moment that year. I had the same plan for this year. But I filmed the summer. 

The summer of 2020 will always, I think, be different, because of this funny year. But that is also a good reason to have captured it.