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Telling stories, that is what I love to do most. I am the best in telling them in a visual form. I work as a visual storyteller, documentary filmmaker, videographer, (visual) anthropologist, journalist/image editor and as analogue photographer. Stories are everywhere, and everyone has them. My productions often tell the tales of ‘normal’ people with ‘normal’ life stories and perspectives.


People, I find the most interesting. I love to dive into other people their worlds. So far into the deep-end that I’m almost a real part of it. I have a special eye for narratives and a heart for personal stories. The tales of normal people are not always special at first sight, but I find wonder and magic in those stories. My productions are on the edge of bourgeois, but not less important. The stories I’ve told are all worlds I did not know or understand before, but I did want to know. Like my short documentary Sealegs, about the seafarer academy on the island of Terschelling and her students who really want to go to sea. Or the women from Women’s Gold, who created a better life for themselves, by producing Shea Butter in a cooperative. But where they are also very aware of their position and that what is threatening them.

​I am convinced that the world is filled with interesting stories, that deserve to be told. I love to show others perspective on life, seen through visual media.

For my different previous work look at film/video and photography.

I am working on different projects and films, but am also hirable for video, film, audio, photography of crossmedia-productions.

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My name is Eza (1993), I am the granddaughter of a fanatic hobby-photographer, and the child of a dad that is an historian and genealogist and a mum that is full of stories and funny facts like me.


My interests have always been wide, I am always busy with my surrounding world and have a good eye for ‘nice pictures’. I got my first photo camera at the age of 7 and I have not stopped capturing the world around me ever since.

During my studies at the School of Journalism in Utrecht (2017) I realized that writing for the papers is not really my thing. I also realized that I’m not a traditional ‘real’ journalist. I wanted to film and make photos, work on long human-interest stories and build in deep layers in to my stories.


After journalism I did the Master in Visual Anthropology at the Granada centre for visual anthropology at the University of Manchester (2018). Here I acquired new skills and learned new ways to tell stories, I learned different ways of approaching, but also became better in conducting visual research. With an academic view, I broadened my horizon and started building depth and layers in the stories I tell. The anthropological approach gave me a skill I did not have before. This master made me grow as a maker, researcher and narrator. Although my stories are still about normal people who can inspire and inform others. In the end I only want one thing; telling good, beautiful and strong stories.

Interested in what we can do for each other? Looking for a documentary maker, visual anthropologist, photographer of videographer? Definitely get in contact with me!


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