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A film by Lisa de Bye
Januari 2021 
Duration: 8 minutes


In ALEX we arrive in Alex's dream (@dominiquedebont). In this colourful, alienated world we drown in her search for her little sister - and herself. 


In September 2020 I was part of shortfilm named ALEX. My first fiction filmset, and immediately in the role of First Assistant director/Floor manager. ALEX is Lisa her fiction director's debut and my oh my what a film. While filming, everyone of the crew had the feeling that this is going to be an amazing project. The (child)actrices were phenomenal. Really excited for more projects like this!


  • Director, Producer and Writer: Lisa de Bye

  • Executive producer and Editor: Didi Spaans

  • Director of Photography: Roeland Bentvelzen

  • 1st Assistant camera: Massimo Randag

  • 2nd Assistant camera: Tom Selbeck

  • Underwater cameraman: Bas Andries

  • Steadicam operator: Eduard Goedhart

  • First assistant director: Eza Doortmont

  • Floor manager: Eza Doortmont

  • Assistant floor manager: Ron Groenewoud

  • Gaffer: Robert Hofman

  • Art director: Christianna Tsigkou

  • Sound recordist and VFX artist: Alrik Wiggers

  • Script continuity: Marit Voskuil

  • Make-up and Hair artist: Lona Cerutti

  • Sound designer: Yorick Sedee

  • Music composer: Nestor Romero Clemente

  • Color grader: Bruno Ramos


  • Grown-up Alex: Dominique de Bont

  • Ella: Liva van der Hoeven

  • Young Alex: Scarlett Smith


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