The milkman
Gelderland, Nederland

September 2019 



A series shot in September 2019 after multiple phone calls in the hope he and his wife would trust me.

The little shop look slike it has not changed over the passed 30 years. I do not think it actually. Mr. and Mrs. were a hesitant for a visit from me, because they have been raided once and that could happen again. But I really want to tell the story of their dairy shop. After calling 5 times, it was okay for me to come by. We spend 4,5 hours in the little kitchen behind the shop. In that thime there were 2 customers. Mr. talked and talked. Mrs. added  things and fed me biscuits, nuts and soft drink. We laughed, talked about the war, about his life as a milkmen. First with his dad in the village, later with his own remodeled car. The only thing I could think was 'there will be a time that a place like this does not exist anymore'. While Mr. (84) showed me how he turnes his cheesewheels three times a week, Mrs. winked at me. Such darlings! 

After developing the photos I sent some prints to them by post. The day after I got a call from Mrs.. She found the photos wonderful, she said. 'And if you ever want to come by again, you are always welcome, love.' 

I hope I can tell their story once in all its glory.