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The milkman II
Gelderland, Nederland

September 2020


In September 2019 I shot a little series of the Milkman. It took me multiple phone calls in the hope he and his wife would trust me.

This September I went back. Assuring nothing has changed in the shop, that looks like time has stand still in the passed 30 years. It hasn't changed a bit The only thing that changed is that Mr. and Mrs. became older and the stock is even lower. 

Mr. talked about the exact same things. Mrs. wrote down my address in her addressbook (yehes I think I have made it). I shot some more photos. The best ones are the ones I won't share. The ones where the two of them are recognizable. They are still hesitant for burglars. And I think that is their right. But here some of the photos. 

I also made it into their addressbook so that is a plus.

I still hope I can tell their story once in all its glory.  

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