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KEEK, Oudegracht, Utrecht 
Kentemere PAN400/Ilford HP5 Plus 35 mm 
December 2020

A photobook of all the photo's I took in the werfkelder bakery of KEEK. I worked at KEEK between Februari 2019 and December. It was the first place I could feel at home, after almost two years of living in Manchester. After my decision to quit as a baker, I had two mini demands. One of which was developing the cinnamon rolls (that are now a solid part of the menu), the other being a photo series on the bakers and the baking. Because, I figured, now I still know how we move, how the rythm and timing of the bakery is. I used the photos to send as a postcard to my colleagues. And the portraits of the bakers are hanging on the wall of the new bakery location on the Springweg. This book is a collection of the photos I took. All on kentemere and ilford HP5 plus, 35mm. Mainly for myself. To not forget how it was to be part of KEEK and how it was to be a baker. It also is for everyone who would want to see how it is in the Werfkelder.

For the pdf click here

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