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Work in progress 2021

Filmmaking in times of a pandemic 

We are all (I hope!?) very much aware of the weird situation the world has been finding itself in for the last 15 months. The pandemic has been changing and challenging situations, we would normally consider predictable or easy. For me and my film- and photography work that is not different. Although there were a couple of months of not working on anything, I'm currently pretty, pretty busy.

Here a little list of the projects I'm currently working on, for any questions just get in contact with me! 

  • In Februari 2020 I applied to a development thing for young filmmakers by regional TV station Omrop Fryslân. Together with two duo's I was accepted in the development program called Nije Eagen. The project I got accepted with, was cancelled due to Covid-situations.  Although the original plan was cancelled, my new film Fan Blom Oant Bôle will be premiering at Plons! filmfestival at the beginning of October 2021. Afterwards it will be broadcasted on Omrop Fryslân's FryslânDok and on NPO2. 

  • In September 2020 I was part of shortfilm named ALEX. My first fiction filmset, and immediately in the role of First Assistant director/Floor manager.  ALEX is Lisa her fiction director's debut and my oh my what a film. The film will be premiering when Covid restrictions are lifted. Really excited for more projects like this! 

  • I've been asked to develop and create a documentary for Dichter bij Leeuwarden, a word art collective. They are creating a connective project between word-artists, contrary youth in a care facility and their neighbours. On the project I am making a documentary, combined with the created spoken word. The shootingdays are currently taking place. The film will be finished in the fall of 2021. 

  • The Oranjekoeke project I've been working on for the past 2 years  has found a new producer in Marrit Greidanus and Omrop Fryslân is interested in the film. We are seeing if we can start shooting in September/October 2021.

  • I've have started to develop a project I've have long been wanting to make; a research history family documentary podcast. The first trailer with my idea was among the 10 best applicants at the pitch at the podcastfestival 2020.  I will be developing the project further in the upcoming 6 months, after which I'm planning the recording and editing.For the trailer click here! (which is just a set up and in Dutch).

  • I'm always open for new projects and assignments, just contact me through the contact page.